Review: Changeling


Changeling is the first release by Steamberry Studio. It’s available to purchase on Steam and for $19.99USD.

Links:  Website  |  Tumblr  |  Twitter  |  |  Steam

Summary:  Unlike her twin brother Spencer, Nora is happy to be moving back where they grew up. She can see her best friend Ally again and start over at school. But as the past comes sneaking back, Nora learns that the supernatural world actually exists, Vampires, Werewolves, Faeries and all. Oh and her best friend is a Witch. With the help of Ally and her new group of friends, Nora searches for answers about her own origin and what exactly happened to her and Spencer five years ago.

Note: Though I am a kickstarter backer with early access and the official guide, I was offered pre-early access in exchange for an early review. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it in time to be a pre-release review. A very special thanks to Steamberry Studio for reaching out to me and being so understanding and patient with my delays.

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Review: Pinewood Island


Pinewood Island is an otome/mystery game by Jaime Scribbles Games. It’s available on and Steam for $9.99USD. Their upcoming project As We Know It was successfully funded on Kickstarter!

Links:  |  Steam  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Newsletter

Summary:  The MC joins a science class that spends a month studying on a secluded island. Though everything seems to be going fine, it’s not long before someone is murdered. Can the MC find the murderer while keeping everyone alive? Or will love make her the next victim…

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Review: Golden Hour Demo


Golden Hour is an upcoming free mobile game by Matchaa Studio. Download the demo at Google Play or the App Store.

The Kickstarter campaign ends Monday June 18 EDT!

Links:  Tumblr  |  Twitter  |  Kickstarter

Special thanks to Matchaa Studio for reaching out to me about their demo!

Synopsis:  Just days before the deadline of a photo essay competition, the MC (first name changeable) has to drop her topic and transfer to a new city. Her new school is bustling with activity, and she quickly learns that a new essay topic is as close as the people around her. But everyone has their own agendas and secrets, and the camera can’t capture it all. Can the MC make it through to the school festival, or will rivals and romance cloud her lens?

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Review: Love Ritual


Love Ritual is an upcoming game for PC/Mac by ZandArts. The demo is available on

Special thanks to XandArts for reaching out to me about the demo!

Links:  Twitter  |  Tumblr  |  |  Patreon

Synopsis:  Because of her expertise in the occult, Riilai is tasked with investigating the recent performance of a forbidden ritual. It was either the druids or the necromancers, but both sides claim they didn’t do it. Riilai must solve the case and determine who is lying, but two attractive representatives may make her job more difficult than she anticipated!

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Review: Pipe Dream Beta Demo


Pipe Dream is an upcoming otome game by Notome Games!  The demo is available on  Kickstarter coming soon!

Links:  Tumblr  |  Twitter  |

Special thanks to Notome Games for reaching out to me about their demo!

Synopsis:  Robin is ready for her first taste of freedom, and there’s no better place than college to find that fresh start. New friends are around every corner, but they come with their own secrets. Help Robin navigate the campus and her heart to find her own happy ending.

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The Flower Shop: Winter in Fairbrook – Hints and Tips

The walkthrough available on the Sakevisual forums (this link no longer exists, but here is a walkthrough on Steam) has a lot of useful tips and also the correct answers for each character, so this is just some things to keep in mind along with the walkthrough.


  • The skip feature is available by right clicking, choosing Preferences, and choosing Begin Skipping


  • In your first week, stop by the library and choose the book that coordinates with your character.  Doing so will boost your stats and also appear as a special scene in the game.
  • To get their special ending, you need to have earned $400.  Earning less will get you the normal end.  I’m not sure if these means over the course of the game or at the ending, but just to be safe, maybe sure you have $400 at the last week if you want the special ending.

Flower Simulation:

  • I found it works best if you buy seeds and begin to plant immediately.  Trying to clear the whole flower bed before planting takes too much time.
  • I never had to plan Work More into my week.  Just doing the required work in the morning was plenty to earn money.  Use that afternoon time to raise your stats with the guys instead.

Stats Raising:

  • Be sure to include a day for rest.  If you don’t, Natalie’s health will fall, and the game will force you to rest.

Review – The Flower Shop: Winter in Fairbrook


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The Flower Shop: Winter in Fairbrook is a game by Sakevisual and Winter Wolves.  It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  It is a follow-up game to The Flower Shop: Summer in Fairbrook (boy dates girl), and contains some of the same characters, but it is created to be a stand-alone game.

The game is now also available on Steam and mobile devices!

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Pirates in Love – Leonardo Main Story Review and Walkthrough



A captain of the navy, Leonardo is serious about everything.  He has a strong sense of justice, and he will do whatever he can to see that out.  He’s also kind, and he cares about doing the right thing.  Plus, he loves his cat!

Personally, I loved him!  Love his hair, love his glasses, love everything!  My biggest regret is his route is so short.  It’s only 10 chapters long with only 3 CGs.  Because of that, his character isn’t as developed, and their relationship feels kind of rushed.  I would love to see him have a sequel or be included in other spin-offs.  He stole my heart!

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