Hello and welcome! Feel free to call me Tomey :3 This is a blog dedicated to otome games in English, with English translations, or English patches.

This blog will only be for reviews and walkthroughs.  For more things like news and updates, please check out my main blog, my tumblr!

As for me, I’m 33 and currently working on a doctorate in music composition. My passions are otome games, writing music and teaching music. I have a cat that frequently likes to photobomb any pictures I’m taking.

FAQ and Other

Spoilers: This is not a spoiler free blog, but I do avoid most spoilers that include the romantic moments and plot points.

Piracy: Please don’t ask where to get paid games for free. I do not support piracy, and I will not provide that information. Please support the games and companies by purchasing!

Favorite Games: Hakuouki, Sweet Fuse, Amnesia: Memories, Dandelion, Nameless, Halloween Otome, In Your Arms Tonight, Hustle Cat