Reviews & Walkthroughs

♥ a2~a due~

A Foretold Affair

A More Beautiful World

A Very Important Date (demo)

♥ A Very Splendid Otome Game

♥ Aloners

Amnesia: Memories

Beauty and the War (demo)

Because We’re Here (demo)

♥ Boku no Shokora

♥ C14 Dating

Changeling (demo)

♥ Cinders (demo)

♥ Contract Marriage

♥ Dandelion – Wishes Brought to You

♥ Days Sim Dates by Pacthesis

  • Number Days Sim Date mini review

♥ Dear Bishounen Mini Review

Destiny Fails Us (demo)

♥ Dragon Essence Demo

♥ East Tower

Faithfully Yours for a Kinder Tomorrow (demo)

The Flowershop: Winter in Fairbrook

Golden Hour (demo)

♥ Gyakuten Yoshiwara

  • Iroha – Main Story Walkthrough || Main Story Review
  • Kagura – Main Story Review
  • Kagerou – Main Story Review

♥ Heavenly Playgirl

♥ Halloween Otome

♥ Hustle Cat

♥ Konbini Life (demo)

♥ Love Blossom Extended

♥ Love Ritual (demo)

The Masquerade Killer (demo)

♥ Magical Otoge Ciel

Mindless Box (demo)

♥ Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons (demo)

♥ Pipe Dream (demo)

♥ (P)lanets – the life of normalcy has ended!

♥ Prank Masters (demo)

Princess of Desire (demo)

♥ Pub Encounter (aka Dandy Shot)

  • Ryunosuke Yuze – Main Story Review

♥ Purrfectly Ever After

  • First Thoughts
  • Demo Review

RE: Alistair++

Regency Love

♥ Rei

♥ School Festival

Seven Kingdoms: The Princess Problem (demo)

♥ Shall We Date? Magic Sword

♥ Shall We Date?  My Sweet Prince

♥ Shall We Date? Ninja Love

♥ Shall We Date? Pirates -Treasured Love in the Ocean-

♥ Starry☆Sky~In Spring~

Sweet Fuse

♥ Up Until The End (demo)

♥ Valentine’s Otome (demo)

♥ Zodiac•Axis (pre-alpha demo)



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