Our Two Bedroom Story – Kaoru Kirishima Main Story Review


Sometimes described as “cold as ice”, Kaoru is quiet and unresponsive.  When he does speak, he’s emotionless and blunt.  This is mostly because he has no idea how to communicate with others.  He can seem intimidating, and he’s a little scary when he gets angry, but otherwise he’s actually very observant and kind.

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Our Two Bedroom Story – Kaoru Kirishima Sequel Review

I don’t usually do reviews for sequels, because I feel that enjoyment in part comes from how much you liked the character from the main route.  So even if I like something, others might not because they might not like the character as much as I do.  However, I felt that Kaoru’s sequel has some really good points, and I wanted to mention those.

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Our Two Bedroom Story – Chiaki Yuasa Main Story Review


Chiaki is a lot of things.  He knows how to be a lot of things.  He’s a complex character, and it takes a while to unpack all the aspects of his personality.  At the office, he’s a suave gentleman with a sweet face and a kind smile.  An excellent worker, everyone expects great things from him.  However, catch him at the wrong moment and you might find him being cold or cruel or manipulative.

And manipulative he is.  There’s no denying it.  He uses people, and he sees the MC as an vurnerable target.  Somewhere the MC knows this too, and she tries her best to be on her guard around him.  I think that’s why he teases her and tests her so much.  In a way, he’s both warning her to be careful and throwing her off guard so he can take advantage.

kind of big spoilers under the cut

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Our Two Bedroom Story – Akiyoshi Zaizen Main Story Review


Having worked his way up to being the boss very quickly, Akiyoshi is highly driven and successful.  He’s also known as a tyrant because he’s always barking orders and pushing people to work harder.  He can even come across as harsh, especially when he growls as you.  He works hard than anyone else though, and you’ll never hear him complain about it.

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Our Two Bedroom Story – Shusei Hayakawa Main Story Review


Shusei really is considered Mr. Perfect by everyone.  He’s nice, easy going, and caring.  He’s also readily compliments people, and he has a great sense of humor.  Because of this, everyone finds him easy to talk to, and he makes friends wherever he goes.  However he’s serious about his job, and he really gives it his all.

Shusei is nice to everyone, but sometimes he lets that get in the way of what he wants.  He will either passively let things happen so others get the reward, or he will take it all on himself to save others from pain.  His main character progression is to gather up the courage to be completely honest about what he’s feeling.

slight spoilers under the cut

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True Love Sweet Lies – Sakuya Nanahoshi Main Story Review


Sakuya is the quiet twin.  He loves animals in general, and he has a soft spot for the goat Yuriko.  Because he has a hard time saying what he means, and because he can sometimes act awkward or child-like, the other guys enjoy teasing him.  Despite being very skilled, he can be reckless and therefore conflict with his more cautious brother.

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