The Flower Shop: Winter in Fairbrook – Hints and Tips

The walkthrough available on the Sakevisual forums (this link no longer exists, but here is a walkthrough on Steam) has a lot of useful tips and also the correct answers for each character, so this is just some things to keep in mind along with the walkthrough.


  • The skip feature is available by right clicking, choosing Preferences, and choosing Begin Skipping


  • In your first week, stop by the library and choose the book that coordinates with your character.  Doing so will boost your stats and also appear as a special scene in the game.
  • To get their special ending, you need to have earned $400.  Earning less will get you the normal end.  I’m not sure if these means over the course of the game or at the ending, but just to be safe, maybe sure you have $400 at the last week if you want the special ending.

Flower Simulation:

  • I found it works best if you buy seeds and begin to plant immediately.  Trying to clear the whole flower bed before planting takes too much time.
  • I never had to plan Work More into my week.  Just doing the required work in the morning was plenty to earn money.  Use that afternoon time to raise your stats with the guys instead.

Stats Raising:

  • Be sure to include a day for rest.  If you don’t, Natalie’s health will fall, and the game will force you to rest.

Monthly Updates! – May 2017.

A great summary for May updates and releases!


This series is centered around the monthly updates of different OLEVNs being developed with an emphasis on romance or if the protagonist(s) is/are female. Otome games in development or that have been released will also be mentioned, but as a secondary focus. Due to the abundance of the mobile games and blogs that already follow their releases, I will only mention new mobile games releases.

Take a look around and hopefully you find something the piques your interest!

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Seven Kingdoms: The Princess Problem – Tips and Guides

I know plenty of similar posts have been made, but I thought I might share some tips and the guides that I found most helpful.  Special thanks to areyntheheartseeker for linking me to all the guides!


  • For your first playthrough, just play.  Don’t try using a guide.  There’s a ton of stuff going on, and a guide might make playing for the first time seem overwhelming.
  • Be social. Even if you want to make a more introverted character, talking to as many people as possible boosts your stats and creates friendships that might be helpful later.
  • Try different origins/backgrounds. Some characters are more open to certain backgrounds, and you can get different conversations too.
  • Read through the website!  It has a lot of helpful info on it!


Guide List:  The mods over at 7kpp compiled a list of helpful guides!  My favorites are the Character Creation, Welcome Feast, and 7kkp Mods Guides.


Dandelion – General Tips

There are plenty of guides for Dandelion around, but I thought I would compile my general experiences in case anyone might find them useful.  I will also include links at the bottom to guides that I used too.


  • Concentrate on interacting with characters and raising their relationship points first.
  • Then concentrate on satisfying their stats.
  • Quick Save/Load is the most useful thing in the game.  It’s a wise idea to quick save before each interaction.  If you don’t get the result you need, Quick Load and try again.
  • Always pay attention to your Stress and Pressure meters, and don’t let them get too high.

Relationship Points:

  • Wearing a bikini at the beach (found in the store for $100) will gain you one more relationship point during the interaction.


  • You can check to see if you are satisfying a character’s requirements by right clicking, choosing Status, and then choosing the character.
  • Once your heart gauge fills, the best thing to do is level up the Stress and Pressure meters a little first and then start adding new activities.
  • Cooking is a useful activity because it boosts all the stats in some way.


  • Don’t forget to check out the gifts they characters give you.  Some of them are usable and boost your stats.


  • Whenever you are out during the weekend, you will have a choice to Look Around.
  • It’s a good idea to Quick Save first, and then look around for character stamps.  They appear as chibi faces.  If you don’t see any, Quick Load and look again.
  • At the end of a route, you can turn in stamps for sketches and a special CG.  You have to have 30 by the end to get both of those.
  • You can increase your chances of finding stamps by buying the Vision Pills in the store ($200).


  • The fastest way to earn money is to look around at the beach for pearls.  They are worth $50 each.


I started the game quite a bit after it was released, so I had the opportunity to use other guides for help.  Here are links to ones that I used and found helpful!

Character Guides by junngiJiyeon/Jiwoo/Jieun, Jihae, and Jisoo

General Tips – Be My Princess

Since Be My Princess is structured a little different than other Voltage games, I thought I would make a few general tips that could be useful.

  • It says there are 16 episodes.  Choices go up through episode 14.  Episode 15 is the ending.  If you get the Happy End, then you also get the CG.  Episode 16 is a prologue if you get the Happy End in episode 15.  There is also another CG here.
  • Unlike other Voltage releases, they don’t really prepare you for when a choice is coming up, so if you like trying them both, save often!  They don’t give warnings like “please choose” or “make a choice.”
  • Also unlike other Voltages releases, some choices can really differ.  In the other games, it’s usually just a couple of dialogue differences and then back into shared material.  Here, some choices have completely different dialogues, different outcomes, and even different locations.  I would really recommend saving and trying them both, following into the decision a little bit.  It takes longer this way, but you can really see the intricacies of your choices here.

Anyway, just a couple of things you might want to keep in mind while playing.  Saving often can save you a lot of grief.