Review: Dragon Essence Demo



NOTE:  This is an old review, and some elements of the demo may have changed.  Also, the game is now available at!

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Review: The Masquerade Killer Demo


The Masquerade Killer is an upcoming commercial otome game by Ebullience Games. It will be released for PC/Mac/Linux and possibly Steam and/or Google Play. The demo is available at or Google Play.

*The Kickstarter ends Wednesday August 9, 2017*

Links:  Website  |  Tumblr  |  Twitter  |  Patreon  |  |  Kickstarter

Synopsis:  Lady Lydia is dead. In an attempt to catch her killer, Lydia’s father hires an unnamed organization to investigate. Conveniently, Elvira (one of the organizations members) bares a striking resemblance to the deceased. She agrees to go undercover as Lydia, but fitting into the London elite proves to be more difficult than expected. When everyone is a suspect, will Elvira be able to discover the killer? Or will high society be the death of her?

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Review: A Very Important Date demo


A Very Important Date is an upcoming commercial game by Naive Sprites. It will be available through and Steam for Windows/Mac/Linux and for iOS and Android devices. The demo is available on

There will be eight main story routes consisting of twelve chapters. Each love interest will also have a three-chapter epilogue. Routes will be released and available for purchase individually. Kickstarter backers will be informed at a later date on claiming their route rewards.

*The Kickstarter ends this Friday July 21st!  The creators will be doing a Kickstarter Live on Thursday July 20th!

Developer Links:  Tumblr  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Patreon  |  DeviantArt

Game Links:  |  Lemma Soft Forums  |  Fuwanovel Forums  |  Kickstarter

Synopsis:  Alison leads a busy but redundant life. She goes to work at a cafe, comes home to take care of the house she shares with her dad and brother, and goes to sleep. However, one morning Alison wakes up under a tree in an unfamiliar city. Realizing she’s in a completely different world, she stumbles into The Looking Glass Cafe and its group of colorful residents. Gwyn, the owner, offers her a job and asks her to pick someone to train her. Whether she chooses to serve, cook, or wash, Alison is in for a whole new adventure!

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Our Two Bedroom Story – Minato Okouchi Main Story Review


Minato is relentless in more ways than one.  At work, he’s always working hard and pushing forward, striving for the best results.  He’s extremely bossy too.  His arrogant and spiteful ways sometimes make him seem cruel even.  He’s constantly calling the MC names like “dopey” and “idiot”, and he never stops teasing.  He enjoys winding her up just to see her overreact to things.

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Our Two Bedroom Story – Kaoru Kirishima Main Story Review


Sometimes described as “cold as ice”, Kaoru is quiet and unresponsive.  When he does speak, he’s emotionless and blunt.  This is mostly because he has no idea how to communicate with others.  He can seem intimidating, and he’s a little scary when he gets angry, but otherwise he’s actually very observant and kind.

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Our Two Bedroom Story – Kaoru Kirishima Sequel Review

I don’t usually do reviews for sequels, because I feel that enjoyment in part comes from how much you liked the character from the main route.  So even if I like something, others might not because they might not like the character as much as I do.  However, I felt that Kaoru’s sequel has some really good points, and I wanted to mention those.

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