Review: A Very Important Date demo


A Very Important Date is an upcoming commercial game by Naive Sprites. It will be available through and Steam for Windows/Mac/Linux and for iOS and Android devices. The demo is available on

There will be eight main story routes consisting of twelve chapters. Each love interest will also have a three-chapter epilogue. Routes will be released and available for purchase individually. Kickstarter backers will be informed at a later date on claiming their route rewards.

*The Kickstarter ends this Friday July 21st!  The creators will be doing a Kickstarter Live on Thursday July 20th!

Developer Links:  Tumblr  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Patreon  |  DeviantArt

Game Links:  |  Lemma Soft Forums  |  Fuwanovel Forums  |  Kickstarter

Synopsis:  Alison leads a busy but redundant life. She goes to work at a cafe, comes home to take care of the house she shares with her dad and brother, and goes to sleep. However, one morning Alison wakes up under a tree in an unfamiliar city. Realizing she’s in a completely different world, she stumbles into The Looking Glass Cafe and its group of colorful residents. Gwyn, the owner, offers her a job and asks her to pick someone to train her. Whether she chooses to serve, cook, or wash, Alison is in for a whole new adventure!

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