Review: The Masquerade Killer Demo


The Masquerade Killer is an upcoming commercial otome game by Ebullience Games. It will be released for PC/Mac/Linux and possibly Steam and/or Google Play. The demo is available at or Google Play.

*The Kickstarter ends Wednesday August 9, 2017*

Links:  Website  |  Tumblr  |  Twitter  |  Patreon  |  |  Kickstarter

Synopsis:  Lady Lydia is dead. In an attempt to catch her killer, Lydia’s father hires an unnamed organization to investigate. Conveniently, Elvira (one of the organizations members) bares a striking resemblance to the deceased. She agrees to go undercover as Lydia, but fitting into the London elite proves to be more difficult than expected. When everyone is a suspect, will Elvira be able to discover the killer? Or will high society be the death of her?

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