Our Two Bedroom Story – Minato Okouchi Main Story Review


Minato is relentless in more ways than one.  At work, he’s always working hard and pushing forward, striving for the best results.  He’s extremely bossy too.  His arrogant and spiteful ways sometimes make him seem cruel even.  He’s constantly calling the MC names like “dopey” and “idiot”, and he never stops teasing.  He enjoys winding her up just to see her overreact to things.

Minato has a hard time trusting his feelings to others, so he keeps everyone at a distance.  You could even say that he’s unwilling to let himself love.  However, something about the MC though gets him to open up.  He loves messing with her, and before he even realizes it, he’s let his guard down.  It takes him a while to really straighten himself out though.  All his teasing really confuses the MC, and they are only able to figure their relationship out when he’s finally able to express his feelings.

The plot really isn’t anything exciting.  There aren’t any twists or turns, and despite what the screen above says, Minato doesn’t have a dark past.  Just a lonely one.  I think a lot of people will like him though.  His character type is generally well received, and I think a lot of people will enjoy the bickering dynamic between him and the MC.

I think a lot of people will also like the MC in this route.  She’s confident in herself and her work, and she’s constantly pushing to do better.  She’s also very outspoken and forthright, and she pretty much says what she’s thinking.  She gives Minato as much as he gives her, and she even gets sassy with her coworkers (I cannot believe what she says to her boss!).  From the Voltage routes that I’ve played, she’s by far the boldest MC I’ve ever seen.


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