Our Two Bedroom Story – Kaoru Kirishima Main Story Walkthrough



Here is a walkthrough for Kauro.  I picked what answers I thought would work, but I did not try every answer choice.  And of course, this is not the only way to get the Happy End.  Feel free to use or share, but please ask permission before reposting anywhere ^_^

Kaoru Kirishima Main Story Walkthrough

Episode 1

C:  “I’ll try to cooperate with him.”

A:  That’s not the point.

Episode 2

A:  Thanks for taking the call.

A:  After I finish.

Episode 3

C:  Is the food good?

B:  “I’ll ask Kaoru for help.”

Episode 4

B:  We’re not close enough to fight.

B:  I found the cat.

Episode 5

A:  “It’s obvious.”

C:  Your hands are warm.

Episode 6

B:  Thanks for saving me.

A:  Why do you ask?

Episode 7

A:  I want to know why.

A:  Then teach me.

Episode 8

C:  Sorry I misunderstood.

B:  I won’t cry.

Episode 9

A:  Talk to Joh.

A:  Are you mad?

Episode 10

B:  I want you to read it first.

B:  I’m fine.

Episode 11

A:  Ask the same thing.

A:  I’m glad you didn’t drop it.

Episode 12

A:  Cling to him.

A:  I’m fine.

Episode 13



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