Our Two Bedroom Story – Kaoru Kirishima Main Story Review


Sometimes described as “cold as ice”, Kaoru is quiet and unresponsive.  When he does speak, he’s emotionless and blunt.  This is mostly because he has no idea how to communicate with others.  He can seem intimidating, and he’s a little scary when he gets angry, but otherwise he’s actually very observant and kind.

Kaoru puts up a barrier between himself and others.  That coupled with his difficulty expressing his thoughts really confuses the MC.  She has no idea what he’s thinking, and it takes a while for both her and the readers to get the whole story from him.  He’s not oblivious though.  He understands the MC quite well, and he’s there when she needs him.

Kaoru is also very fond of his cat.  And he himself is a lot like a cat.  He often naps, and his favorite nap spot is on the porch in the sun.  He does whatever he wants, whenever he likes.  He doesn’t really acknowledge the MC much in the beginning, much like a cat would ignore a human.

Kaoru’s difficulty with communicating is handled really realistically.  He recognizes that he has this flaw, but he still has trouble changing it immediately.  Even at the Happy End, it doesn’t feel like he’s fully expressed how he feels about her.  It keeps with his character, but it can feel a little open ended.  The epilogue shows that even the MC is unsatisfied with that, and the more complete resolution comes at the end of the epilogue.

Kaoru is now a favorite for me!  The awkward social skills combined with his love for his cat sold me within the first chapter.  He reminds me of myself in those ways.   And the MC is adorable!  She’s sometimes shy and awkward, but she also speaks her mind and asks for what she wants.  Kaoru has no idea how to respond to her being so honest, and since he can’t really express himself, it results in all these cute, awkward moments.


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